February 25, 2018  /  4:45pm

Social Advertising for the Misinformation Age / Dance NYC Symposium / Gibney Dance Center, Studio B / 280 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

How, in this cluttered and confusing political climate, can we successfully write marketing copy for our work? How can we wield that writing via social advertising to authentically build varied but relevant communities around advocacy and art-making?

In this action-oriented lab, we’ll playfully peel back dense layers of human psychology and data-driven social media advertising to reveal humans that can be empowered or manipulated. Together, we’ll innovate new systems for creative audience engagement that resist misinformation and establish meaningful relationships with fans and collaborators.

The workshop will include quick-and-dirty tutorials, brainstorming exercises, and on-the-spot community building. Expect to walk away with a flood of new ideas, a small army of allies, and take-home tactics to activate your audience.



Training Artists and Closet Creatives in the 21st century

My actioned-oriented labs aim to abolish self-destructive habits while inspiring a fun-first “big picture” outlook towards modern promotional pursuits. For those brave souls participating in the creative economy, I indulge in a tough love approach, while wielding a relentless sense of humor, to shake up static modes of marketing behavior.

As both an irreverent artist & guy who graduated magna cum laude from Baruch College with a BA in digital communications, I've concocted daring & unconventional promotional methods that actually work. Attempting to use my powers for good, I now revolutionize how creative industries advocate for worthy causes as a public speaker & business consultant. Places that have hired me to rant passionately include NYU Tisch, Dance NYCCUNY Dance Initiative, NYCU Center for the Arts, CreativesMXNoel Pointer Foundation, Kupferberg Center for the Arts, & more.

I've also been told my presentations are a hell of a lot of fun. Let me prove it to you. Email to learn more about setting up a presentation or training for your team, students, audience, etc.



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