Divorcing the dance industry

Fed up with the pretense of hot moves and high art, I’m divorcing the dance industry and running away with comedy- writing, producing, and performing in purely comedic work for stage and screen. You’re invited to help.

Attempts at sketch comedy

AVENUE WTF / Premiered April Fools 2019

Log line: In a counseling session between a man and his hand, this prudish puppeteer will learn to more authentically love himself.

Synopsis: Glenn, an uptight puppeteer is fighting with his sexually liberated significant other, Larry, who is a puppet. Their no-nonsense psychologist, Shonda, acts as a mediator for them after a disastrous audition together. During this couples counseling session, Glenn and Larry realize they want different things from life. Shonda, after suggesting co-dependency issues, recommends they spend some time apart. Drama ensues. See videos page for full sketch.