Defy & demystify modern dance traditions by humorously exploiting everyday rituals & landscapes


Your next event's gonna be more memorable with these dances.

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FOMO, or “Fear Of Missing Out”, rolls around in the modern compulsion to “keep busy”. 21st century self-involvement will be explored through a relatively amusing solo, in a post-modern dance style, conceptually mirroring the experience of being inundated with mental focal points, opportunities and places to be, both physical and digital.

Babs' Favorite Sound is a live dance meditation on the human orgasm (Barbara Streisand’s favorite sound, as revealed on the Actor’s Studio in 2004). I interpret Andrae’s orgasmic rendition of the singer’s Oscar-winning hit, The Way We Were, with movement invoking all four stages of Masters and Johnson’s Model of Sexual Response.

The Pick Up Artist is inspired by a Swiffer Ad Campaign wherein lonely people are depicted as dirt or mud hoping to be "picked up" by Swiffer's extraordinary magnetism. I've built a vocabulary of jazz dance moves that enable me to clean the floor with my own body.

With overlapping vignettes of dance, gesture, noise & movement, Mass Transit is a theatrical, non-stop 30-minute performance installation inspired by real-life Metro happenings.

In 6 separate vignettes, Go Metro weaves a new metropolitan lore directly inspired by the mundane & extraordinary scenarios & individuals experienced within public transit. The metro system, already a vast, surreal landscape of the comic & tragic, provides an ideal setting to explore the idea of collective mobility, whether social or emotional.

In Bathroom Follies, 5 vignettes focus on the public performances that occur the moment we expose our human intimacies to the fluorescent gaze of "the john."