Design by Alexandra Lenihan

Design by Alexandra Lenihan

Major Laughs for Minority Communities

Funny-maker Hannah Goldman and I have a seasonal variety show that glorifies femme and queer talent at the Peoples Improv Theater (PIT). It’s called The Straight Man because we're ironic or something. Join in as we lube up and wrestle down old ass comedy traditions in genre-busting and gender-bending nights of making fun. NEXT UP…

The Straight Man Celebrates Gay Pride

June 29, 2019 / 9:30pm

Peoples Improv Theater, NYC

What’s Your Talent?

Use the form below to throw your funniest ideas at us and see if they stick. It’s a variety show, so anything goes! Just make us laugh and check back in for updates!

This is not a paid opportunity yet, but a great way to try something out in front of a live audience. As I’m a public relations representative by day, our events are seriously promoted, well attended and professionally documented.

Straight Man Origins

Co-producer Hannah Goldman and I originally bonded as the seemingly only queer students at a Magnet Theater sketch writing class in 2018. I had just ditched the modern dance world and Goldman was a struggling actor looking to create her own opportunities. We were surprised how old fashioned the NYC comedy world still was and decided to create a fresh community where marginalized comedians can feel not only accepted, but celebrated. After successfully co-producing Gay Stuff at the PIT in 2018, we were offered a seasonal show.