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Don't want to do any research about promotion? Great, I've done it for you. As a bonafide marketing nerd, I've spent the last decade working as a marketing professional, attending PR seminars, webinars and summits, reading articles, books, and ebooks, listening to a plethora of podcasts as well as promoting my own work as a dancer. I'll curate the best parts for you.

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Track Record

I've gotten myself and clients featured at:

The New York Times, NY1 News, PIX 11, FOX 5, Brooklyn 12, BRIC, LA Times, Good Magazine, Dance Enthusiast, Broadway World, DNA Info, Hello Beautiful, Men's Fitness, Brooklyn Reader, LA Weekly, LAist, Backstage West, Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and more.

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Student Testimonials

His light shines so bright, he MUST glow in the dark.
— Adriene Cruz, Fabulous Textile Artist
His PR lessons are clear, actionable, and best of all, cheeky. I love that we see his strategies in action. For someone with lots of schooling in performance but almost no training in PR, these lessons have been essential in building my freelance career.
— Emily Wespiser, Flutist / Marketing Manager, Flute Center NYC